Tue July 22

Still haven’t figured out a nice way to finish off a fishtail #hotdA Photo - (pic)

Mon July 21

Experiments in dread styling without elastics or bobby pinsA Photo - (pic)

Sun July 20

housebuiltbyghosts: Heyyy so i got my biggest tattoo yet today! It’s flash-art-by-quyen-dinh ‘s design and I got it at Pearl Harbour Gift Shop in Toronto! It took about 4 hours total and my arm is hella swollen, but I’m very excited! Check out flash-art-by-quyen-dinh ‘s etsy store (where i bought the print as payment, and because it’s beautiful!) and check out Pearl Harbour Gift Shop if you’re in Toronto! [also my arm is so fucking swollen in this picture jesus]A Photoset (via housebuiltbyghosts) - (pic)

irisandtheinseparableinnuendos: (via Hark! A Vagrant - Scotty P.)A Photo (via kateordie) - (pic)

gemmafemma: I stick & poked a toy piano and a vintage synthesizer onto Miles! I’m going to start taking appointments soon (Melbourne) so please email me if you’re interested! (gemma at gemmaflack dot com) xxxA Photoset (via stickandpoke) - (pic)

Tue July 15

fuckyeahtoronto: thebuttonmachine: They’re heeeeeere. I’ll have them at @crywolfclothing tomorrow or you can order them here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/192425256/toronto-turonno-patch Oh! A patch version too!A Photo (via fuckyeahtoronto) - (pic)

Mon July 14

emiljafrances: jesus fucking christ i wish this thing would disappear from the internet. it’s not even a good drawing. i don’t even care that it’s not sourced properly because i have no pride in it whatsoever, but i can’t believe i’m still seeing it on my dash four years after i drew it. (Source: rachelpalmer)A Photo (via emiljafrances) - (pic)

unexpectedrxns: paxmachina: Nikola Tesla in his laboratory, 1899. Awesomeness in actionA Photo (via jul1a) - (pic)

hyperallergic: (via This Magritte-Inspired T-Shirt Hates to Be Judged) Whatever you do, don’t tell Sterling Bartlett’s René Magritte–inspired tee what it can and cannot be. The artist is selling his creation in his online shop. READ MOREA Photo (via fakechildhoood) - (pic)

photojojo: Heads up folks, it looks like even Google’s photo-snapping robots are taking selfies. Spanish artist Mario Martínez Santamaría has been documenting instances where the Google Art Project’s photo-bot accidentally snaps photos of itself while on the job. Google Art Project’s Photo-Bot Takes Accidental Selfies via PSFKA Photoset (via photojojo) - (pic)

bodycatcher: Genghis’ Problem… ~ Joke by callafraser.tumblrA Photo (via internet-explorerr) - (pic)

Sun July 13

ryannorth: Here is a preview of Adventure Time #30, AKA The Zine Issue, AKA MARCELZINE! Pictured above: BMO’s adorable submission, “Cool Bear the Bear by BMO the BMO” a page from Marceline’s frankly rad Hourly Comics Princess Bubblegum’s amazing submission, Chicken Experiment Comic Click through!  THERE’S EVEN MORE COMICS THAT AWAIT YOUA Photoset (via ryannorth) - (pic)

Mon July 7

A Photo (via dennys) - (pic)

Wed June 25

robbybernstein: Eddie This is Eddie Campo.  I met him on College at Clinton about 10 days ago; and he very kindly allowed me to take his photograph.  Eddie told me that he is addicted to tattooing his body.A Photo (via robbybernstein) - (pic)

Sun June 22

(Source: pushtosmart)A Photoset (via cart000ns) - (pic)

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